1 1/4″ Natural Horsehide Belt

What do you do when you have a photo shoot, but the belt you’re shooting is too big for the model? Find a bottle of Old Spice!




12 oz vs. 16 oz

This picture illustrates the difference between 12 oz and 16 oz leather belts.DSCF7136

double tongue stainless steel

Genuine English bridle that is actually from England – NOT the stuff made by American tanneries – is pretty incredible. It comes with a coat of tallow on the surface of the hide and can be buffed to a very nice shine. It also works great with my double tongue stainless buckles. I just wish I could get it a little thicker. This belt is 11/12 oz. and a dark Havana brown.

Bag Sale (sold)

I recently purchased a side of veg tanned 9 oz. water buffalo to see what it’s like. It’s a dense, rugged leather that should wear well. I decided to make a bag from it. The straps on this one are Horween veg tanned horsehide. The exterior back pocket is Hermann Oak veg tanned steer. There are 3 big Horween front quarter internal pockets. The buckles and clips are solid brass. The rivets are copper and the d-rings are stainless. If anybody is interested in this one it is $200.00 + shipping. Email me at dontmourn@gmail.com for more pictures.