Postal repro sale (sold)

If anyone is looking for a Postal reproduction bag, I’ve go this one ready to go. It’s $250.00 + shipping. The bag is made from heavy 7 oz Wicket and Craig natural, pure, American veg-tanned steerhide. The straps are all  7 oz. Horween veg-tanned horse. The buckles and clips are solid brass. The rivets are copper. I used heavy size 277 American made bonded polyester thread from American & Efird. The bag measures 15″ wide X 12″ tall X 5″ deep. There is a pocket on the inside which is made from Horween natural front quarter horse. I can add a handle to the top of the bag for free if you’d like.

When I make postal bags from veg tanned leather that is this thick, I have to wet the leather in order to get it to turn inside out. Sometimes this results in a few small water spots. As you can see, I ended up with a couple on the back of the bag. These can easily be taken out by oiling the bag with neatsfoot and applying a good leather conditioner. However, the oil/conditioner treatment will darken the leather a shade, but it will protect it from further stains. It will also soften the leather and speed up the break in process. The beauty of veg-tanned leather is that it will continue to patina and change color as it is used. Wicket and Craig develops a deep, rich russet color. I can apply neatsfoot and/or Obenaufs leather conditioner to the bag prior to shipping.

If you’re interested in this bag or any custom made leather products, contact me at


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