Horsehide laces for horsehide boots

When I first heard of the Thorogood Vinegar Hill Horsehide Boot that was being offered by Highkickz for only $180.00 I was quite skeptical of the quality. But, for that price I couldn’t resist.

Highkickz (to the best of my knowledge) offers three models from Thorogood made in Horsehide: Vinegar Hill, Boerum Hill, Meeker Morgan. I chose the Vinegar Hill because I love cork soles. I wished they offered another color besides black (they do in the Boerum Hill; it comes in brown with Neoprene Cord sole), but now that I have them, I’m very happy with the black.

I’ve ordered lots of Horween Chromexcel Horsebutt over the years and these boots are obviously made from that same leather. Check out the 3rd pic. It used to be really hard to get, but lately there’s been a ton of it floating around from various Horween distributors. They must have made a huge run for these boots – possibly some other brands too. I’m pretty sure (damn sure) the Epaulet No. 685 is the exact same boot – but in brown.

I don’t know enough about shoe construction to tell how well these boots are made. I’ve only worn them for one day, but I can honestly say they are very comfortable from the get go. I can only imagine they will get better as they break in.

I made the laces on mine from Horween natural veg-tan 9 oz horsebutt. I cut them 1/8″ wide, beveled the edges, and heavily conditioned them with Fiebing’s Ausie Cream and beeswax.



9 thoughts on “Horsehide laces for horsehide boots

    • Damn! I just checked Amazon, and they’re at $250.00 there. Mine are breaking in nicely. I couldn’t be happier. I have an unusually wide foot and these only come in a D so I was worried they’d be torture, like my Redwings that are too narrow. The Horween cxl horse is quite flexible though and stretched just right. If I have a complaint, it’s that the tongue seems a little narrow, but maybe that’s due to my high instep.

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